Our soul speaks in whispers while our ego is loud. The ego houses all our beliefs and programming. Through this process I’ll assist you in quieting your ego so that you can hear what your soul truly wants. We’ll get your beliefs in alignment with your soul’s desires. I’ll teach you ways to amplify these beliefs, so they stick around. During our sessions I become a bridge between your guides and you. They’ll provide you insight and guidance on what will best serve you. In meditation I’ll guide you to your higher self to receive even more guidance and insight. If you can visualize it, it can be yours and is meant to be. Are you ready to see what is waiting for you?


-3 calls a month

              -During each session we’ll discuss your wins and fails for the week then we’ll do a guided meditation to put us both in Theta brainwave. (This will make it easier to access the subconscious mind.) We’ll do shadow work to uncover unsupportive beliefs. I will assist you in rewriting these beliefs. As necessary you’ll receive inner child healing and connection as well as energy healing. I’ll guide and support you throughout while also keeping you accountable to your goals.

              Value= $2997

-Recordings of each call to reflect and access the meditations we do

                                         Value= $333



              -Growth work to do in between sessions

Value= $1333

              -Access to message me in between sessions, I’ll reply within 24 hours

Value= $2222


Total Value= $6885


Empower Your Soul