Your birth chart is your soul's blueprint. It tells the story of where you came from and where you're going in this lifetime. I will translate the vibration of the planets and the areas of life they affect you. You'll gain an understanding on how to use the energy you were born with in your favor. You'll receive insights into areas of your life such as relationships and career. When you better understand these energies and how they affect you, it's easier to flow with life instead of fighting against it. 

We'll start the session with a quick drop in and complete it with a card pull.  This option goes over the energies you were born with. I have another option that goes more into transits and how they're affecting your personal birth chart. This reading is a great refresher and definitely ideal if this is your first time having your chart read. 

Reading is recorded on Zoom and a link of the recorded session will be sent after along with a copy of your birth chart and photo of the card pull. *BIRTH TIME AND BIRTH PLACE REQUIRED

1 hour  /   $111

Birth Chart Reading




Relationship Reading

1 hour  /   $144

Would you like to know how your chart interacts with someone else's? Then this reading is for you. I'll look at the synastry with both charts, the Davison chart and the composite chart in addition to each individual chart. This can be for a partner, lover, friend, business partner or anyone else you'd like to see compatibility with. 

I'll be able to see challenges the relationship will need to overcome, the strengths and so much more. Please pose specific questions in the notes section when booking.

Both dates of birth, birth place and location are necessary. The other person doesn't need to present for the reading. The reading will start with a drop in and end with a card pull. You'll receive a link to the recording, photo of the card pull and the charts in an email after the reading. 


Yearly Transit Reading

1 hour  /   $111

As we know the planets are constantly affecting us with their movement. I recommend this reading after you've already had your birth chart read by an astrologer. Having an understanding of the planet placements you were born with will be beneficial. In this reading we'll be going further in depth on how the current planetary rotations interact with your personal birth chart.


I'll be able to see certain energies you may expect and the areas of life that will be affected. I can either go back and explain the planetary positions for events that occurred in your past, or I can explain the energies you might expect in the future. Please be detailed in the description as to which you're interested in (and provide dates if in past) when booking this service. I take time to prepare prior for the readings so this will assist in that preparation. This is not meant for specific predictions as we all have free will after all. You'll receive insight into the energy that might be expected or an understanding on what was happening during major past life events. The reading will begin with a brief drop in and end with a card pull from an Oracle deck.


*Exact time of birth, birth date and birth place are required. You'll receive a Zoom link after booking. Link of the recorded session will be sent after along with a copy of your birth chart and a photo of the card pull.

Playing Cards

Cartomancy Reading

1 hour  /   $111

This is a science once used by the ancient Egyptians. It is an in depth fortune telling system that combines astrology, numerology and an ordinary deck of playing cards. With just your birth date I'll be able to give you insight into your present and future. It will tell you the current cycle you're in and the meaning behind it along with further insights into what to expect during the cycle. The reading will encompass one full year of insights and let you know the dates for each cycle you'll be in. You'll be able to track your cycles going forward after this reading. They all last 52 days which is no coincidence that there are 52 cards in a deck! This process is lengthy and has multiple calculations so it's best if not done live. 


The reading will be put together in a Power Point presentation that will be sent via email. You may also provide the birth date of up to 3 people in your life and I can see in what cycles they'll affect you and how. Email their birth date ahead of time so it's included in presentation.  

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