"Brandy gave me encouragement as she pointed out my gifts that will materialize in profound ways. Learning that I'm where I'm supposed to be in life I am more calm and have a renewed excitement for the self actualized me and blessings that God has in store for my future."

Jerlyn M. 

"WOW!!! Brandy's incredibly accurate interpretation of my personalized chart was spot on! She intuitively exposed the deepest yearnings of my Heart. If you'd like to explore this amazing journey of self discovery- Brandy will kindly show, guide and advise on both positive and shadow aspects of your Soul's astrological impressions."


"Brandy was articulate and enthusiastic during our session and explained all details of my chart. She helped me understand where I was in life and confirmed recent decisions I've made were leading down the path I was meant to lead. I have a newfound appreciation for spiritual insight and astrology after being skeptical in the beginning."

Jessica C.

"My astrology reading from Brandy was amazing! She had all of the information ready and I could tell so much love and time went into it. I learned so much about myself and my path in life. Brandy explained everything in detail and answered any questions I had."

Natalie H. 

"Brandy elegantly puts into words what the soul knows as truth. Her ability to dive into the birth chart brings clarity to past experiences and hope for the future you want to manifest. She is able to depict life struggles and life lessons in order to master overcoming them." 

Jennifer L.

"My session was incredible! Everything was so spot on and resonated so deeply. It was my first astrology reading and by far exceeded my expectations. Brandy was so informative and brought such a loving and caring energy. I could feel her passion which made it that much better! She was able to go over challenges I will most likely face, including the dates I'll go through my Saturn return. The session flowed so well and she gave me such insight that put the pieces together about things I've thought and had questions around. Everything makes sense now! I left the reading feeling really excited and clear about my life path." 

Emily B.

"Brandy has helped me to face my demons and provide clarity on which characteristics I need to work on. I know this growth will lead me to a more fulfilling life and future life partner" 

Jesse B.

"Brandy is such a soft and trusting soul. The trust is instant and the information she provides is SO on point. I can't even begin to tell you how many confirming moments I had. I felt so seen with her. I'd recommend Brandy to anyone who is a beginner or advanced in their knowledge of astrology you won't be disappointed!" 

Jeanette E.